The Duchess of Wessex opens the Haste Wing in 2005 at the NHS Royal Surrey County Hospital in Guildford.

The Heart and Stroke Trust Endeavour (HASTE) is a Surrey-based Charity founded in 2003. It was set up to help prevent and treat heart disease and stroke. Its first project was the construction of a specialised cardiovascular wing attached to the Royal Surrey County Hospital to provide the accommodation for the achievement of our aims.

The Haste wing was built by the charity and handed over to the NHS in April 2005. It contains a state of the art MRI scanner for imaging the brain, heart and arteries. Much more importantly, the scheme brough together the teams and network required to combat heart disease and stroke by facilitating ‘one stop’ clinics for people experiencing warning symptoms such as angina. High-risk cases are fast-tracked through the system to have appropriate investigation and treatment. With early triage and assessment by the hospital team comprising doctors, nurses, technicians, and radiographers, many heart attacks and stroke can be prevented.

In 2012, HASTE gifted the proceeds of a pop concert to the University of Surrey for Vital research conducted into atrial fibrillation, a common heart condition which is set to become increasingly prevalent in the next few decades.

HASTE also focuses on preventative strategies offering expertise on diagnosis and treatment of high blood pressure, atrial fibrillation and heart failure. The charity provides links to professional and patient groups as well as resources for educating the public and physicians about the latest developments in cardiovascular disease. Because of increased need for education, a sub group of Haste Trustees set up a separate sister charity called Haste Academy which in July 2017 has been merged into the main Haste Charity to reduce our administration costs.

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