Haste and Haste Academy: what IS the difference?

Haste and Haste Academy share similar objects, logos and Trustees, but whereas HASTE continues to raise funds from public donation and events in order to assist in providing equipment, buildings and research efforts that support its objects, the Haste Academy is focussed on Education and delivery of high quality clinical care. 

Why is Haste Academy different to other websites and heart charities?

Search the internet and you will find thousands of websites devoted to heath and the various branches of medicine. Although many are registered Charities these often focus on fundraising and calls to action and many other websites are more about attracting customers and patients to particular treatments or institutions.

Haste Academy is different because although it is a registered charity, the main purpose of its website is to provide education about cardiovascular healthcare and tools for us to educate each other.

Advances in modern healthcare are amazing, but there are a lot of more basic things that we can all do to prevent ever needing these sophisticated treatments.

Haste Academy is therefore not just pages of conditions and links, but more a live interactive website with blog articles and information generated by a host of writers and medical professionals. We want to train an enthusiastic and inspired group to 'blog n share' their experiences and views.

Add to this the patient stories and comments from registered users and we hope it will become a useful resource for patients and all healthcare professionals. 

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