What we offer

On line information about an important branch of medicine for BOTH healthcare professionals and patients in one place.

For our local healthcare professionals who register and authenticate, an opportunity to:

  • Community Arrthymia and AF screening of appropriate cases to local Arrhythmia teams (HASTENINGS)
  • Resource  e-learning and continued education in ECGs, heart disease and stroke medicine
  • Online contact portal to access our teams using Instant messaging 
  • Access useful patient information and resource Youtube videos, DVD and printed leaflets
  • Unbiased reporting and commentary from local opinion leaders on new developments in our field


Haste Academy is all about getting healthcare professionals and their patients to help each other to improve their knowledge of complex and fast moving branches of medicine.

Add to this links to public users and social media, and we hope to catalyse a 'chain reaction'- where contemporary news, blogs and forums focussed in this important disease area can be used to advance healthcare.

Our research effort will aim to capture whether this modern approach to education and IT contributes to improved healthcare across the Guildford and Waverly area. If proven we believe the model could be of wider interest and resources we have developed shared. 

What does it cost?

Using the Haste Academy website is free of charge.

We will not sell you anything because we are a Charitable organisation. 

Although we are currently reliant on donations via our sister charity HASTE, and sponsorship from pharmaceutical industry, our objective is to provide an efficient, useful service which will eventually pay for itself through efficiency savings in local health care.

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