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Other than concern about overburdening hospital resources there are few bars to a GP referring a patient with minimal symptoms for a specialist opinion if they are unsure about the 12 lead Electrocardiogram (ECG).  Few medics would deny that ECG interpretation remains a tricky area of medical expertise, since missing even a small abnormality may literally be the difference between life and death for their patient.

ECG Guru is our new 'snap and ask' service for Surrey GPs equipped with smart phones. 


We have noticed that a number of referrals to Cardiology are based on uncertainty about an ECG abnormality.

The Haste Cardiology team and our Electrophysiologists are offering an on-line reporting service  which GPs referring to us may find useful.

Because tricky ECGs can be reviewed by senior Electrophysiologists we have called it, rather modestly, ‘ECG GURU’.

From startup the ECGs are initially analysed and reported by the Haste Arryhthmia team supervised by Dr Philippa Howlett and Dr Edward Leatham. Where interpretation is more difficult we can send the ECGs to our 'Gurus' who are Dr Elijha Behr and Dr Zia Zuberi both highly experienced electrophysiologists working at St Georges Hospital. 

How does it work?

The service works via a mobile phone or PC. A high resolution image of the ECG is scanned onto the computer system or snapped on the GP's iphone and then sent to us via an upload widget operated by

The upload widget encrypts the data in transit to us, making the transfer completely secure. 

To access this service contact us

Who can use it?

Any GP that uses Cardiology services at the Royal Surrey County Hospital may also use this service which has been set up and run by Haste Academy with the help of enthusiastic Cardiologists and Electrophysiologists. 

Because of the requirement for encryption of data in transit and on the server, ECG Guru is operated by third party medical communication service

After an initial trial period only registered users of who are healthcare professionals will be able to access ECG Guru.

This service for users is free of charge as it is run on a voluntary basis for the benefit of the local health community. 

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