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When Roger Taylor voluntered to join fellow musicians including Eric Clapton, Roger May for a fund raising Concert in the Park in the summer of 2011 in aid of Guidford Heart and Stroke Charity HASTE , little did he know he would also lighting the fuse to a campaign to raise public and medical awareness into a heart rhythm disorder called Atrial fibrillation.

As Roger Taylor indicates in the production about Atrial fibrillation shown below - the drum beat keeps the band together, and like the human heart, when it goes out of rhythm there can be chaos- a term frequenty used to describe what happens when the human heart goes out of its normal regular rhythm into an erratic rhythm called atrial fibrillation.

Roger Taylor is helping us launch new Pulse awareness and 'help your-self' campaigns that Haste Academy and others are planning in 2013. For more details see our Video Channel a sample of which is shown below.

The Haste fundraising concert was a tremendous success- raising hundreds of thousands of pounds in one evening- allowing HASTE to kick start an entire research programme into Atrial Fibrillation, with a donation of £460,000 to the University of Surrey.

A few months later, Roger Taylor kindly invited the medical team into his recording studio.

The team, generously supported by Simon Fitzgerald (Artifex Media) recorded the famous musician drumming out the different heart rhythms- some of these fabulous moments are captured in the video above.

The recordings have helped to inspire a group of locals  to gather together to form a new charity called The HASTE ACADEMY, which by agreement with HASTE will focus on public and medical education.

While HASTE ACADEMY concentrates on Education its not for profit trading subsidary HASTE MEDICAL Ltd will administer HASTENINGS - an information and referral network that will act as the interface between GPs and Hospital Specialists for key areas such as suspected atrial fibrillation.

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