How to use this website

The Haste Academy website is designed for use by Area and User type - so that local healthcare teams can target local audiences and display stories and information for different target audiences.

Fixed information is displayed via Menu items, but a constantly changing and growing source of information will be created using Blog stories and posts which can be searched or listed using simple tags, categories and publication month/year.

Registration requires users to provide their post code and closest NHS Hospital so that they can access stories, protocols and guidance from their LOCAL healthcare teams. 

Beneath each page links will appear that connect to other pages- those in BLUE connect to pages written principally for healthcare Professionals, and those in RED for non-healthcare professionals.

Many of our pages and blogs can only be accessed by Healthcare professionals who Register as a user.

The design of the pages and information in the purple pages will be slanted towards a lay audience, whereas BLUE healthcare professional pages may contain technical detail and bibliography to support scientific content. 

We encourage readers to interact with our blog authors in order to stimulate discussion, which in itself may be as useful to other readers as the  original blog article.

In order to preserve anonyminity, a pseudonym can be adopted at Registratio by picking a user name that dose not give away your true identity and selecting 'use user name' option, although the management expect that true names are given at registration, which cannot be undertaken without email validation. 

Once registered, if you need to alter your details click on welcome top right and you will be taken to your admin page where changes can be made and saved.


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The Haste Academy website has been designed and authored by the Haste team of Cardiologists and Nurses. We can be contacted by email:


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