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The idea of the Haste Academy website is to make it interactive and useful for Medical professionals as well as Patients and Public readers. Although a lot of content will be accessible without registration, where more detailed medical information is required or where valuable services are provided, a registration (and for healthcare professionals, validation) will be required.

For example Local Guidelines on use of medication and local services (such as help lines, referral forms and Instant message connection to our teams) will only be available to Healthcare professionals that refer to or work at the local Hospital. We use 'post code and hospital catchment areas' to define our target audience. 

For locals we have offers such as a free "help yourself" DVD and information packs- which will only be on offer via pages accessible by people that register and live in our area. 

Blog articles can therefore be public, or private depending on what information you want to include and for which target audience. 

If you have an article that has both general and specific audiences- why not make TWO versions- one for public /lay use and the other for medical use- and we can post one onto our public pages, and the other on private (eg local healthcare professional access only) with a link between so that people can point their healthcare teams to more detailed and scientific content.


Haste Academy cannot be responsible for the opinions or accuracy or 'correctness' of content or links to other websites, so it is up to each blog author to be 'resposible' for content and to stay within the law in regards to copyright, and defamy. Haste Medical will provide editorial input to stories submitted by patients and add pseudonyms when requested, but our advice is steer clear of naming professionals, people or institutions. If we are informed of a story or blog on these pages that possibly breaches copyright law or where it coul dbe regarded as defamy, the management reserve the right to remove the page(s) from our website. For more information see our terms of service.


If you have patient or medical guides that you would like your audience to access- send them to our (ideally as a PDF) for uploading and indicate whether the information is for public use or only healthcare professionals, and whether local only or all areas.

Haste Academy - our ambition to be a leading UK local health information resource

This website is designed for 'regional use'- with the first region being Guildford and Waverly in Surrey. GPs and Patients generally know and trust  their local teams, so will naturally be more interested and more likley to follow  stories and guidance that local opinion leaders publish.

Part of our research will be to study the impact this may have on health patterns (such as Stroke rates)  in our area. If the project proves successful, then we are potentially set up to offer similar resources to other regions so that like minded teams in other regions can use the same methods and generic web resource.

How to make a great Blog

'Google it' to find out more- but here are a few tips:

  1. Think of a good 'strap line' or Title- this gets picked up in search engines so include news worthy or eye-catching words or names
  2. Images and Video embeds- to break up the text
  3. Short sections to avoid overloading your readers
  4. Hyperlinks to other stories and pages- either on our website or others so that the reader can find out more.

Its worth reading a few tips from journalists with big followings to see what they say:

Haste Style

Please do not use BOLD or UNDERLINED font in your blog articles or web pages because this style indicates a hyperlink to other pages: in general RED style means to patient friendly pages and BLUE to more medical and technical pages.


Before we amass a lot of images and videos its worth finding about copyright- basically any image or Video youtube link we use in a  blog or on the website must be checked and have permission for or be have a CC (Creative Commons) licence- from what I have gleaned from the last listed excellent Blog (Educators Guide) this allows a fair use for education etc.
I think therefore for every image or video we upload to the haste academy website we need to indicate where it was from and what has been agreed.
With this in mind it may therefore be sensible to ask Blog authors hunting for suitable pictures to enrich their article to use search engines such as which preselects images that have this license.
I imagine we will use a CC licence for our website as well - giving others the right to use its material under the same fair use clause. 


Make sure the images are Web optimised - ie not too large. Images should be no more than 400 pixels wide and no larger in size than 50K. Useful resources for resizing and changing the resolution of images can be found here

Adding a Blog to the website as an Editor

If you have Blog editor access you can add your own blog following the guidance shown in two videos below.

  1. Make sure that the Create Blog menu item shows when you have logged in- if not contact admin and get the correct access priviledges.
  2. Second create the blog name and add author, thumb nail and short description that wil be shown on the news section of the front page of HA.
  3. Next add Tags and allocate a category for indexing purposes.
  4. Add blog and images.

The second Video shows how you can then remove your blog from the blog menu as only a few should be showing.


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The administration team of Haste Academy


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