Private messaging. How?

Private Messages

Because many healthcare professionals do not want to be overloaded with emails and spam, and email is not secure for sending confidential patient information, emails between healthcare professionals and patients are generally seldom used.

There are also other issues such as:

  1. what if a vital message is sent but never received - eg "stop your warfarin as you blood is too thin"
  2. what if the email address is incorrect by one character, and so never arrives.
  3. what if someone else can access your email box and reads it in error.

'Connect' is our 'in house' communications system that gets around many of these issues and we are encouraging patients seen in HASTENINGS to use it to communicate with the Haste Team.

Private messages can be passed between any users that have elected to accept private mail in their user preferences (see edit or link to instructions below).

Please note: All messages passed between users on 'Connect' are stored on our system and can be used if necessary for reference on request by your medical team- ie form part of the medical record of patient users.  

Users of Connect should first read about risks and benefits and accept our privacy and terms of service  policies that were agreed at Registration.

Step 1 Go to your Profile by clicking on Welcome user


Step 2 Edit profile to make sure enabled


Step 3 Select 'yes' for messages then scroll down to bottom to 'save'


 Step 4 Find Member you would like to message


Step 5 Confirm user, compose and send message


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