Roger Taylor, Anthea Turner and Peter Alliss Launch Stroke Prevention Scheme

Celebrities Roger Taylor, Anthea Turner and Peter Alliss joined medical professionals  to launch a new scheme in West Surrey that will help detect undiagnosed atrial fibrillation - the warning sign of strokes and heart attacks - in the over 65s without putting further pressure on the NHS.
HASTE Academy the sister charity of Heart & Stroke Trust Endeavour(HASTE) is a UK Registered Charity founded last year by Consultant Cardiologist Edward Leatham. Working with colleagues from both the Surrey Research Park and the University of Surrey and jointly funded by HASTE, this new initiative that could help detect cases at risk of heart attack and stroke in Guildford and Waverley, over the age of 65, who may not know they have the condition.
An expert in beating out a good rhythm, the Queen drummer, Roger Taylor is helping the HASTE Academy by putting together a DVD with television presenter Anthea Turner and golfer and presenter Peter Allis which was unveiled at the launch of the scheme on Thursday, June 27 at The Watts Gallery just outside Guildford.

During the presentation it was announced that Roger Taylor had kindly agreed to be the Patron of the Haste Academy. 

Explains Dr Ed Leatham: “We want to improve awareness about common conditions that cause strokes and heart attacks which are all preventable with a bit of ‘know how’.   If our research programme delivers successful results, it could be duplicated in other regions and save 100s of lives. It’s all about being direct and responsive.”
Currently in West Surrey, if a GP detects an irregular heartbeat, the patient is referred to the local hospital and is likely to wait three to four months for an appointment and confirmed medical diagnosis; at which point treatment will be instigated.  The HASTE team is able to dramatically reduce the waiting time and therefore hasten diagnosis by funding two nurses based at the Royal Surrey County Hospital who will, by appointment, visit the patient at a nearby GP’s surgery and undertake the preliminary test – an ambulatory ECG.  Once a diagnosis is confirmed high risk patients can be immediately referred to the cardiologists at RSCH for treatment whilst those at low risk can continue to be managed by their GP supported, where necessary by the Haste Academy team.
 “It’s a ‘win win’ situation for everyone” says Dr Leatham, “If the GP thinks there may be a problem, he or she can immediately refer the patient to us; by being able to visit patients at the GPs’ surgeries instead of the hospital, we’re reducing pressure on the NHS.   It’s also worth noting that not all detections of atrial fibrillation are serious; if it’s minor, the patient can stay under the care of their GP but what’s important is that it’s on the radar.”
The nurses and the rest of the HASTE team is based at Huxley Road in Guildford Research Park adjacent to the Royal Surrey County Hospital;  “It was important that the HASTE Academy was close to the hospital so the heart teams can travel out to GPs’ surgeries across Guildford and Waverley to screen patients instead of adding to local traffic congestion by seeing thousands of extra patients at the hospital." 

In addition to the detection of atrial fibrillation in the over 65s, the scheme is set to deliver important research findings too.  Explains Dr Leatham: “It’s a fantastic collaboration between the Hospital and  University.”

Equipped with the very latest gadgets, the team of two nurses and a research physician are investigating whether personal heart rhythm ECG recorders can be used to prevent strokes by screening larger numbers of people for atrial fibrillation who would then be able to start treatment and prevent devastating consequences.  

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