The Haste team aims to communicate with patients and other healthcare professionals electronically.

For patients who understand the risks versus benefits and agree to use our messaging service follow these simple instructions:

  1. Register as a Member
  2. Follow on screen instructions to activate your message system
  3. Make your user name known to only people and staff that you know.
  4. Edit your membership profile to suit your requirements.


Please note that while we make every effort to keep your email and identity using SSL certificates, encryption and all reasonable measures for website security, the management cannot take responsibility for loss of messages and/ or identity fraud that might occur as a result of your email address and name being 'hacked' from either this website or from one of the email relay servers used for transmitting the message to your personal email.

In addition the content of any message sent over the open email system is not completely private, so that if there are any sensitive or confidential messages, results, personal information such as date of birth, name and address, you can send as an encrypted attachment or file  using our HealthMail box which uses an upload widget.

For more information on these risks see our privacy policy.

Other risks

Your name and username can be searched by other Members- who will then be able to send you messages if you select 'accept messages'. This may lead to unsolicited emails.

Although Haste Medical operating this website has strict rules to prevent harrassment, you may none-the-less wish to remain anonymous, so we suggest that if you are worried about this problem, you use a pseudonym or pen name (eg if you are a Physician or staff member). 

In the event of receiving unsolicited emails please let us know at or simply turn off your  'receive messages' option under edit profile.

Our rules of security

  1. Haste teams will never send messages requesting personal information or passwords
  2. Haste teams will never request financial information, bank details or ask you for money
  3. Be wary of messages from other registered users unless you know the true identity of the person sending the message
  4. If you have reason to believe that someone may be using your log in or is sending inappropriate messages, report it to us immediately by emailing

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