If you are a Healthcare professional working with Cardiac patients within a Healthcare organisation such as a Hospital or speciaiist clinic then you one or all of the following might sound familiar:

  • Overcrowded Clinics with less and less time to explain things properly
  • Repeating the same message and advice to patients and colleagues, over and over again
  • Sending and receiving letters with 'enclosures' and 'guidance' that are seldom attached
  • Lack of accessible filing space or help to file and retrieve protocols and guidance documents 
  • Interesting case histories that contain learning points which get lost and valuable lessons never learnt
  • Near misses and disasters that you wish you could share to prevent a recurrence
  • Information never quite at your finger tips when you need it for yourself, colleagues or patients
  • Getting fed up with using old fashioned methods of communication eg Phone and Letters which feels inefficient, but not sure how to modernise your services or get your IT department on board?

Why affiliate to Haste Academy?  

Benefits and Advantages:

  1. Your own space on a modern, fully serviced website for posting information and protocols for use by only your local Medical and patients
  2. Develop an independent list of your own registered medical and patient users for newsletters
  3. Try out our SSL encrypted Instant Messaging (IM) account providing access for your registered patients and GPs to you and your team, in the most time efficient and cost effective way.
  4. Produce your own educational blogs for colleagues to improve learning
  5. Obtain instructions and videos on how to link contents of clinical letters to public and private pages on either our  public website or your own pages using Autotext and hyperlink codes within each word processed document.
  6. Improve communications using secure e-messaging between you and your patients- all behind our secure firewall so that letters and information can be sent electronically outside the NHS Network without violating NHS IT protocols
  7. Low cost and effort - since we have designed and tested all the systems with our local NHS patients 
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