Living with AF

A patient describes several stroke events related to atrial fibrillation- even while on warfarin.

Quizz: Stiff heart syndrome and AF

In this educational blog for healthcare professionals a question and answer quizz is used to reinforce the key learning messages of the educational day held on Wed 13 th Feb 2013 at the Royal Surrey County Hospital.

Heart or Brain attack resembles Aircrash

Most people are familiar with the term "he was an accident waiting to happen" but few will understand just how close the analogy is to real life disasters such as a train or plane crash.. In this article the idea is floated that a Stroke or Heart attack i…

Summer Walk

An account by a patient of how a transient loss of his speech led to a diagnosis of atrial fibrillation and a clot that passed into the speech area of his brain.

How Atrial Fibrillation causes a stroke

About 20% of strokes are caused by passage of a blood clot from the heart. In this blog I describe, in layman terms, the mechanism by which this common heart disorder causes a blood clot to be formed and then pass to the brain