Atrial fibrillation attack

You have just gone into atrial fibrillation: what do you do? This article considers your options.

Measuring your own blood pressure

Increasing numbers of patients now ask about taking measurements at home. This instruction blog gives a few tips that we use in our Cardiology clinics

Why and how to feel your pulse

Roger Taylor may beat in Rhythm, but do you? Our campaign is directed at anyone over 65 years of age- since many more strokes can occur in those affected by atrial fibrillation over this age.

Writing for Haste

Staying up to date with fast moving medical world is hard for both the medical teams and the patients they see. At Haste Academy we want to harness the power of the internet to allow everyone to help each other to get the best possible advice as efficient…

Instructions for Authors

The Haste Academy website is a resource for patients and healthcare professionals which requires constantly updating and addition of stories. In this article I have stated the 'rules" for our copyright obligations and also a few tips for authors that have…