Message encryption

Members of Haste Academy can send messages to other members who have agreed /permit incoming messages, but these messages are 'open' and thus not secure. By clicking on "Encryption" a new window appears where a message and attachment can be added and…

More direct access

The Haste Academy team accepts referrals to our HASTENINGS arrhythmia screening service for Guildford and Waverley patients over 65 yrs by Fax, email or post from the GP, and will issue results back to the referring practice by email only. For General Pr…

One time encryption Pad

Because email sent outside the NHS network is not secure, medical staff are wary about sending emails to patients. If a simple yet virtually uncrackable encryption system can be agreed between doctors and their patients, email can be easily used.

Why 'connect'

The Haste Academy is running a large research project across Surrey and to keep costs down and improve efficiency we are requesting all of our patients to 'connect' to us via our website.

Private messaging. How?

Any registered users can locate and message other users or members who have allowed private messaging. This article gives simple instructions on how to make use of this facility.

Electronic communications for patients

Many of our patients use email- yet why is most medical correspondence to patients by 'snail mail'?