CT coronary angiography (CCT)

Why is it done?

CT (computed tomography) coronary angiogram is a non-invasive test that allows direct viewing of the coronary arteries or blood vessels supplying the heart. It is used most commonly if your doctor is investigating you for possible coronary artery disease. Correctly performed and reported Cardiac CT carries over 99% sensitivity for picking up coronary stenosis and can also detect non obstructive coronary artery disease that could lead to more effective prevention measures.


This test has the advantage of being noninvasive, and hence not conveying the some of the risks associated with invasive coronary angiography.


It is important to note that this test still uses radiation, roughly the equivalent of 200 chest x-rays. Also in some instances the quality of the images makes interpretation difficult and conventional invasive coronary angiography or other tests are then required in addition.